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Hi, I am Athena!! I am a wife, a twin mom, and a teacher! I LOVE JESUS, coffee, running, and all things Target! If you love positivity and affordable style; you have come to the right place!! I am so GLAD you are here!

In 2020, I changed the name of my Instagram to LightandLessons based on my word for the year-

My word was LIGHT, I knew it was my word after I read from Jennie Allen’s book, Nothing to Prove!  

When I think about light, every single light humans have ever built requires energy or some force to light it. Then, I think of the light God creates. His light needs no other energy source. It just is. Therefore, what if instead of trying to create light, we simply receive light. That sounds so much more fun to me, so much easier. We make lousy lights because we were built to enjoy and reflect light, not to produce light.

I love shining my light on others this past year! It was such a blessing to bring light and love into any situation. I am thankful for all God has shown me this year, and I am ready to receive another year filled with his blessings! I am ready to make an impact on others via this blog and Instagram- Welcome to Light and Lessons!

Today, you just need to remember this word- LOVE- you are so loved by our Heavenly Father! 


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Gift Guide Items- Marley Lilly Slippers- 34.99 Teacher bag $29.99 Lunch box $34.99 Rain Jacket $ 80.00 Bible Cover $ 40.00 Duck Boots ( free right now with orders over $100) All items can be personalized Target Wine labels $10.00 to customize any bottle Slippers $20.00 Amazon Laminator 25.99 Laminator Sheets $ 14.99 Hydro Flask […]

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Survival Guide for teacher conferences. Part One: the PLAN Teaching this year has been anything but easy for our teachers. Our teachers are working long hours. They are rocking out amazing lessons for their students, but the demands on our teachers have returned. Look at a teacher to see what perseverance looks like! Teachers are […]

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So many delicious options!! Try a new one today! Flat White with a pump of hazelnut Caramel Latte Skinny Vanilla Latte Vanilla Latte Iced Coffee with toffee nut syrup and oat milk Homemade green tea latte Pumpkin Spice Latte Americano with steamed heavy cream Plain ( black coffee) White Mocha Pumpkin Spice anything ( creamer […]

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Alright, Summer is over and it is time to get back to a daily routine. I know, it is hard after a summer of “no schedules” and eating out, but it is time to get back on track. For me, that is packing my lunch and planning out my weekly dinner meals. So, typing this […]

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Brought to you by my Instagram family! 🙂 FRUITS/ NUTS Apples Acai for bowls Banana and Banana with PB&J Blackberries Blueberries Cheeries Frozen grapes Medjool Dates Raisin Mix Pineapples Pears Peaches Watermelon Lots of frozen fruit mention for smoothies Add to your fruit- Sugar free yogurt Coolwhip Pudding Nuts Almonds Cashews Dark Chocolate and Almonds […]

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Okay! I started looking through the Nordstrom sale- I know, I said I wasn’t going to shop it!! However, I started looking for my boys’ birthday, and found a couple items that my boys could always use. I will be grabbing some athletic shorts, shirts, socks and shoes! Great prices! For the Home: I loved […]

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